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ARE YOU A DEDICATED PET OWNER? Does your pet have a special place in your life? Is it important to you that your furry family member loves their SPA DAY? ​

That first visit can be frightening for a pet; a strange place, new people, smells & sounds. That's why your pet will have their own person that understands, is compassionate, and has extensive training! An animal lover that is certified in K-9 & Equine Psychology who promises to make each and every experience positive! Guaranteed to be gentle!

Pets are number one at Pet Parlor; when you experience it for yourself, you’ll understand why. Call us today and give your pet the experience that we pride ourselves in. Our pet spa offers various grooming and bathing packages for cats and dogs with a wide range of individual services such as teeth brushing, nail clipping with grinding, nail polish, ear cleaning, and gland expression.

Call us today and give your furry family member the



Monday            Closed

Tuesday           9am to 5pm

Wednesday     9am to 5pm

Thursday         9am to 5pm

Friday              9am to 5pm

Saturday         9am to 5pm

Sunday             CLOSED​​


Grooming reservations requires a $25 Deposit.

 Fully refundable if appointment is canceled a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

The $25 Deposit will be deducted from the full price of the grooming service. 

Our Groomers are paid on a commission basis, it effects their earning potential and the potential for another dog to be groomed that day.

REQUIRED VACCINATIONS (Please email a copy to  prior to appointment)                 

Dogs: Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper/Parvo           

Cats: Rabies, FeLV and FVR

Along with pet grooming services, Pet Parlor and Utah School of Pet Grooming has partnered up to offer . . .

*2 hour K-9 public workshops to calm stressed pets & curb problem behaviors.

*Hobby Pet Grooming workshops, for those interested in learning how to groom your own dog.

The moment you call you're paired with a Certified Professional Pet Stylist, a graduate or advanced student pet stylist from Utah School of Pet Grooming that'll quickly become your pet's next best friend . . . 


Your precious pet deserves the Best Treatment by a KIND, SAFETY CERTIFIED, have completed comprehensive training with DMV Doctor Kent Jones in K-9 Anatomy, ear care, anal gland care, nail clipping, skin care, the proper use of specialty shampoos & conditioners, parasites, skin conditions, evaluating pets prior to grooming for common injuries and potential pre-existing health problems when grooming (ear infection or hematoma, skin and follicle damage due to matting, impacted anal glands, etc.)


AS A PET STYLIST we cannot diagnose or offer treatment plans, however we will make you aware of potential problems that may need veterinary care.


What Our Customers Think

I absolutely couldn’t be happier with how they did my mini schnauzer’s hair cut! I have finally after many trial and errors at different groomers am happy our pup got the cut I’ve always asked for. 🤍 Another great pro is that they also have great customer service. I love that they have pictures up on the wall as a reference of many different breeds to choose cuts from because it’s easier to explain what I want. He was not as shaky and scared after picking him up as he usually is at different groomers so that says something about how they took care of him. Thank you guys

Eva A

Super great local place! The staff was very friendly and helpful. They did a great job with my cat who can be skittish and has never gone to get a professional grooming service. I am definitely coming back!!!


This shop is awesome. Lynn was amazing to work with. She did a fabulous job making everyone feel comfortable and was able to quickly calm my dogs down. She did a great job with their nail clipping and grinding. We will definitely be going back. Can't wait to try out their other services as well.



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