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A Trusted Caring Team of Animal Lovers!

Whether you're looking for a new pup to liven up your house, or are in need of a stylish groom for your furry friend, you have to look no farther than the Pet Parlor and Boutique. With the ideal mixture of experience and ability, the Pet Parlors' Grooming team has the knowledge and every staff member has graduated from Utah School of Pet Grooming and also has advanced training in K-9 Psychology with an understanding of how to calm a stressed pet and the ability to make your pet-related dreams a reality. We take immense pride in the pet grooming services we offer and that's the reason why we go to such fantastic lengths to make sure that when you call us, you'll get outstanding support.  With expertise in the aspects of k-9 psychology, care and pet grooming quality.  We Proudly Guarantee Our Grooming Services!



Many pet care professionals see their job as a job.  But for our team of diligent, well trained, dedicated professionals, graduates, and advanced student pet stylists it's much more than that.  Our passion for pet care sets us apart!  We ensure that our clients and their pets receive the finest in grooming, communication and the best experience possible.  For all of us, a good service isn't good enough, we want it to be the BEST!  This dedication to excellence drives our caring team.  We guarantee our work and stand by creating a positive experience for each and every pet entrusted in our care.



The Pet Parlor and Boutique team has provided trusted and professional pet care service to thousands of pet families.  We have developed a reputation of an efficient yet friendly pet care team that applies the most innovative approaches to training, treatments and grooming services, while always promising the highest standards in the pet care industry.  The truth is that each and every member of our pet grooming team is an animal lover.  You can rest assured knowing that your fur baby will receive the most tender care, patience and love that any creature could ask for.  Our team goes to great lengths to make sure that the pets who remain with us are constantly in a safe, balanced and nurturing atmosphere.



At the Pet Parlor and Utah School of Pet Grooming we're exceptionally proud of our origins.  We started this company from the ground up and we would not be where we are today without the dedication of pet owners that continue to trust us with their beloved companions.  Our team is composed of animal  lovers.  We believe that the all-encompassing, friendly and effective service we offer our customers and their pets reflects the wider generosity of our valued team.  When you leave your pet with us, it's like trusting them with family.


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